Burning Index predictions made accessible.

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Our Mission

We want to make accurate fire predictions, and make them accessible.

By making our modeling techniques and application available, we hope to push the limitations of fire potential forecasting and make it usable to those that need it the most.


Our hard working team

Angus Watters


Our Values

Free, Open Source, and Transparent



We will never charge you for using our predictive model for personal use.

Open Source

Open Source

We ♥ open source, which is why you can find our codebase on GitHub!



None of your personal data is ever collected by us, not even for analytics.


Available Products

Web Application

If you need quick access to potential fires within your area or another area, then access our web application built on Shiny, which provides a simple interface for retrieving burning index forecasting anywhere in the United States.

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If you're a developer, or need uninteractive access to our machine learning model, then use our API built with plumber to get predictions either using given parameters or for a specific area of interest.

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